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How to permanently quit Facebook (without calling your lawyer)

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Do you wish to quit FACEBOOK ? Here’s a tricky way to do it without laboriously deleting all your wall posts and photos, according to WikiHow.

1. Make sure your Facebook account contains a contact email address (such as Yahoo or Gmail).
2. Delete any college, high school, or work email addresses listed in your Facebook account. Your contact email should be the only address listed.
3. Deactivate your Facebook account.
Register using an email address other than your contact email (a college, high school, or work email is fine).
4. Once you are signed into your new Facebook account, add your contact email address to the account. Open the link in the confirmation email that has been sent. This step will wipe out your previous Facebook account, rendering it inaccessible.

PS: It’s not clear whether your previous account’s data is still stored on Facebook’s servers somewhere If you really want to be secure, change the contact e-mail back to the new e-mail address and then remove your original contact e-mail from the list. Then deactivate the new account.
It should be noted that quite how deep your deletion goes is highly questionable: does facebook still store your information even though youve destroyed your way of accessing it?

Now you can permanently delete your facebook account by accessing this URL:

I hope.

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Written by Ilari Valbonesi

October 22nd, 2008 at 9:34 pm


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