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Operation Pedopriest: Banned

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Few days ago, the italian collective Molleindustria decided to remove from its website its last videogame, Operation: Pedopriest, “in order to not worsen the situation of our webspace provider that is legally responsable for all the content“. This decision was taken after a point of order in the Italian Parliament called “Countermeasures to the religions’ offenses”, in which the leader of the Christian Democratic Party Luca Volontè asked to shut down this website appealing to a 2006 law about child abuse and pornography.
The law includes a chapter about “virtual pedo-pornography” that consider illegal to publish “pictures whose quality of representation makes unreal situations appear real“. So the picture you see above (a screenshot from the game) is ILLEGAL according to the Italian Parliament. If you want to support Molleindustria, spread it over the web (or, if you prefer, take another screenshot from the game, that can be played here.

Paradoxically the christians politicians are exploiting a law against pedophilia to ban a satirical game that point the finger to child abuses committed within the clergy.

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Written by Luca

July 2nd, 2007 at 4:14 pm

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