Riverfront as Showcase for Climate Action

with Fred Meyer, Backyard Abundance & Jenna Ladd, University of Iowa Student Garden


When the UN Climate Summit kicked off last fall with the short film, "What's Possible," actor Morgan Freeman's challenge to "our leaders to be brave, and their choices to be bold" resonated with Iowa City residents, who filled a record six million sand bags along the Iowa River during the historic 2008 flood.

Nearly seven years later, as the city formalizes plans to rebuild a new Riverfront Crossings Park in a flood-prone area slated for urban renewal, diverse groups of artists, local food entrepreneurs, permaculture advocates and community organizations took part in a forum on Feb. 21 to shape a bold Riverfront Park that reflects the city's commitment to resilience and climate action.

The special event was hosted by the Ecopolis Forum, a growing movement of numerous groups in Iowa City advocating for the city and community to build on current sustainability efforts and work collaboratively on regenerative city initiatives in the areas of local food, renewable energy, and restorative urban designs.

"Everyone agrees that creating a resilient city is common sense," said Fred Meyer, a nationally recognized permaculture expert and director of the Iowa City-basedBackyard Abundance. "What we need now is common action. These Ecopolis Forums help galvanize residents, organizations, and city staff to take common sense actions.


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