Iowa City's Bright Shining Future: Solar Energy

with Warren McKenna, CEO of Farmers Electric Coop, Kevin Hanick, real estate developer, & Jason Hall, Moxie Solar

With the state of Iowa leading the nation in wind energy production, a packed crowd filled the Iowa City Public Library on Jan. 21, 2015, to discuss game-changing new power purchase agreements that could light up the famed "City of Literature" as a bright shining "City of Solar." 

Speaking on behalf of Ecopolis Iowa City, a community forum on regenerative cityinitiatives that hosted the event, Miriam Alarcón Avil cited the state's high solar potential ranking in a recent Iowa Environmental Council study, which concluded that 20 percent of Iowa's electricity could be provided by rooftop solar installations.

The Ecopolis Forum members touted the breakthrough Eagle Point decision in the Iowa Supreme Court last year, which allows for third party power agreements, and effectively opened the flood gates for cost-effective solar energy initiatives in the state, and called on the city of Iowa City and the Iowa City Community School District to commit to a goal of 20-25% on-site solar energy on city buildings and new development projects with city funding within the next two years, along with energy efficiency requirements.